Amazon RDS

Amazon RDS; Relational Database Service is one of the best options for PaaS that provides a full featured relational database service. We can choose DB engines from Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, Aurora, PostgreSQL or MariaDB. Users are billed for the number of used RDS hours.

It can scale horizontally and vertically. It supports Read Replicas for performance enhancement. If we want to ensure high availability in RDS, we can use Multi-AZ deployments. Our data is synchronously replicated to a standby in a different AZ with Multi-AZ deployment.

Multi-AZ Deployment is assured that should a single AZ go offline where the physical server instance machine resides, an automatic failover is initiated onto an up-to-date standby replication in another connected AZ. We can create a Multi-AZ deployment by simply specifying Multi-AZ when creating a DB instance from the RDS console.

We can calculate the estimated cost of AWS usage fee if you have the information about processing power, the amount of data transferred and the size of data storage. If you tell us the total amount of data that DB accumulates and the amount of input and output data that will be transferred to DB, we can calculate the estimated cost of RDS.

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