Anniversary of publication

Hayashida Riki has published the book “The Suit TOKYU Land Corporation Fraud: How to win” on July 1, 2009. We are celebrating the 11th anniversary of the publication of the book on July 1, 2020.
Thank you for your congratulatory message. We have received many lovely messages, images and animations. Millions of Greetings. Thousands of colors. Hundreds of Wishes. The anniversary filled love, peace and happiness.
As we celebrate the anniversary, we have renewed my resolve to keep consumers happy with our books and YouTube channel. We are going to make the world a world free of fraud, racketeering and addictive drugs. As Evil Real Estate Agents have been bullying and harassing us so tenaciously, please excuse us for greeting you so late.
Hayashida Riki YouTube channel will continue to grow with the 11th anniversary. Thanks to your help, our video “The Suit TOKYU Land Corporation Fraud: How to win” has been viewed over 50,000 times.


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