Enterprise Application Integration

EAI; Enterprise Application Integration is an essential technology for system integration. It is a technical area that overlaps with ETL; Extract/Transform/Load. It extracts data from various data sources such as databases, flat files and MQ. It transforms data to a specified format and writes it to various targets.

There are many packaged software products that implement EAI. You do not need to develop the parts that connect with other systems because the products cover them. If the connection destination changes, you only need to change the definition. By reducing the dependency between systems, the impact on other systems due to system changes is minimized.

They provide a GUI development environment. They have various transformation functions and adapters. Adapters are also called connectors. Users are more productive because they can be implemented without coding.

They support both batch and real-time processing. Schedule-driven jobs can also be started from the management tool, so schedules can be centrally managed with the management tool.

Many of them do not guarantee delivery on their own. They do not automatically guarantee arrival. Therefore, you need to think about what to do when an error occurs. The first option is to return the error to the input system and resend it. The second option is to allow it to be rerun in them.


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