I like hamburgers. They are American sandwich. Most hamburgers have beef patty made from a blend of minced beef. They melt in my mouth. I enjoyed spicy and delicious cuisine. There is nothing more satisfying than a bite into juicy hamburgers.
McDonald’s is major hamburger chain. It uses 100% pure beef patties in Japan. It has a common taste anywhere in the world as a selling point, it also offers specialties in each country. In the Philippines, it is unique that rice is provided with chicken.

Double Cheeseburger has two beef patties and yellow cheddar cheese. Triple Cheeseburger is limited edition of Double Cheeseburger. It has three beef patties and two yellow cheddar cheeses.

Teriyaki Burger is a Japanese menu. Sweet Teriyaki sauce goes well with grilled beef.
KALBI Mac is one of McDonald’s menu in Japan. It is a hamburger with Korean style beef ribs, beef patties and lettuce. It is covered with lemon sauce.

Chicken Nuggets are small pieces of processed chicken meat that have been battered and deep fried. Chicken McNuggets are McDonald’s chicken nuggets. Spicy Chicken McNuggets are limited edition of Chicken McNuggets. They have a nice garlic and their spice level was mild. Spicy Chicken Nuggets is also sold by Wendy’s.

Bacon potato pie was one of McDonald’s regular menu in Japan from 1990 to 2002. It is a crispy crust packed with creamy pie, hot potatoes, smoky bacon and chopped onions. It is a delicious comfort side dish to accompany a variety of hamburgers. It is a great way to warm up in winter months. I wonder why they removed it from their regular menu.


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