Sakura Ward Saitama City

Hello. I am the administrator of several Facebook groups, including “Book Review Club”, “Sakura Ward Saitama City” and “When will I make more friends? Now is the time.”

We are thinking to grow this group in a global sense. However, lacking enough members from different country. Would be great full if you kindly recommend this group to citizens of your country who can join here.

“Sakura Ward Saitama City” is a public group about Sakura Ward Saitama City. We exchange information about Sakura Ward Saitama City. If you are interested in Saitama city, participation is greatly appreciated. You will have the opportunity to connect with the community and engage with us.

Thanks to your support, “Book Review Club” has more than 1000 members and “Sakura Ward Saitama City” has more than 100 members in November 2020. But unfortunately, the number of spam posts is also increasing. Do not post spam. Do not share private posts that cannot be viewed by the public. I will delete posts that are not related to the theme of these group. You can post a wide range of content in “When will I make more friends? Now is the time.”


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