Tantanmen; Sichuan Dan Dan noodles

I had Tantanmen at Fufu Ramen Urawa Dojo in Sakura Ward, Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture, Japan. Tantanmen; Sichuan Dan Dan noodles is a Japanese ramen that originated in Sichuan Province, China. The noodles are swimming in a deliciously balanced soup with hot spiciness from chili oil. They combine sweet, salty, nutty and spicy flavours.
We can choose the level of spiciness of the tantanmen at Fufu Ramen. I opted for the least spicy one. I like the mildly seasoned tantanmen for the Japanese. Too spicy soup will break my tummy. It has been suggested that drug addiction destroys your taste buds and makes you prefer intensely spicy foods. When you become addicted to drugs, you can’t even enjoy a healthy diet.


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